Conference Schedule

DAY 1 – Digital Health The Conference Programmee

10.00 am Registration
11.30 am Inaugural Session : – Welcome Address
Chairman Of ATN Medi-Care
Secretary Of Health, Govt. Of Bangladesh
Director WHO at Bangladesh
Director Of BMA, Bangladesh
Director of A2I, Government Of Bangladesh
Honbl. Minister Of Health, Govt. Of Bangladesh
12.30 pm Government Vision on Digital Hospitalisation : Driving Digital Transformation in Hospital Sector
- Honbl. Minister Of Information & Technology, Govt. Of Bangladesh
- DG of Health, Govt. of Bnagladesh
- IT Secretary – Govt. Of Bangladesh
- Director Of A2I, Government Of Bangladesh
- Hospital From BD
- Hospital From India - Appolo
2.30 pm The emergence of Cloud in Healthcare
- Secretary Of IT, Govt. Of Bangladesh
- Country Director, Sify
3.30 pm Panel Discussion: Exploring the role of IOT platforms in digital health solutions
Chairperson & Moderator: Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari, Dean,
Academics and Student Affairs; Professor, Health Informatics, International
Institute of Health Management Research. India
- Founder & Director, DOCTOROLA.COM, Bangladesh
- Secretary, Department of IT, Government of Bangladesh
- Representative from IBM, India
- Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW),
- Sajid Rahman, CEO, Telenor Health, Bangladesh
4.30 pm The Future of Medical Tourism – India & Bangladesh
- Honbl. Minister Of Tourism, Govt. Of Bangladesh
- President of TOAB
- Indian High-Commissioner
5.30 pm India as a destination of Advanced Medical Treatments
Speakers : Hospitals From India
6.30 pm Importance of Air Ambulance as a part of Emergency Medical Treatments and Medical Tourism
7.30 pm A Healthy Way Of Leaving - Networking Dinner